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Rank driver X4


A relay board to control up to 4 midi organ registers.

Usually,  with a midi organ, if the arrangement is made specifically for the organ, the different tracks correspond to different registers. They do not play the same thing: chords, melody, counter-melody, etc ... Everything is automatic,  each decoder board is set to a specific channel, it just play what it has to play.

With a traditional organ, paper or cardboard,  there is only one track, ranks are set usually by a hole in the cardboard or by the organist who selects register  manually when needed. In that case, one can change register when we want.

To take advantage of both systems with a midi organ, you need RANK DRIVER.

Automatically, with a suitable arrangement, nothing to do but to switch on the 4 registers at the beginning of the song.

Now, if you want to put shades or impress the audience by making a rank playing or not, it's easy! In your favorite sequencer software, simply duplicate the first track as many times as you have ranks and set, of course, the corresponding midi channel on  decoder boards.

You can also take a single track midi file and set all your boards on the same channel. The result will be similar, they all play the same.

Then, when playing the song you choose, with the switches,  registers you want to hear, depending on your mood and feeling.


Main features:



  •     RANK DRIVER is delivered ready to be inserted into your instrument.
  •     Board size: 100 x 75 mm
  •     The board is powered by a voltage between 8 and 24 volts. It will provide 12 volts for all other board in your organ (decoder or midi file player). The solenoids are powered by a separate power supply, through relais. See schematic in the user manual.
  •     Possibility to control up to 4 registers, 8 amps maximum per register.
  •     General protection fuse (value to suit to your system).
  •     For safety, the driver supplies first decoder and  midi file reader boards, and wait a few seconds to turn on the control register relays.
  •     Designed and manufactured in Niort, France. Sold direct from factory.
  •     Instructions to download further down this page.
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