Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

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12 volt solenoid valve

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Ideal for "midify" a barrel organ or any instrument with pneumatic command.

- to use with a midi decoder board M2O32 or M2O64

-12 volts  heavy duty.Cna work with an even lower tension to save the battery.

-Only 120 mAmp or 70 mAmp with a modelism 7.2 v battery.

Max pressure 350 mm Hg

-Internal pipe diameter: 2.5mm, external diameter: 4.5 mm.

-Size: 17* 15 *33 mm, 27 grammes.

-Very quite, no castanet noise!

-Super simple mounting, you just have to mount a small PVC pipe between solenoid valve and the pneumatic valve, with a "Tee" if you want to keep the traditionnal driving.

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