Raffin 31 opto reader

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Raffin 31 opto reader

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Optical reader for 31 note Raffin roll. The holes in the paper are transformed into Midi notes, to record or play live on a MIDI instrument.

Pack content :

-1 Midi encoder K2M 32 specially programmed for 31 note Raffin scale (+ 1 extra note for percussion or something else). Output to connect to Midi on your computer or a Midilector SR.

-The 2 electronic boards for optical reading (transistors and infrared LED's)

-2 ribbon cables for connecting the reading head to the encoder.

- voltage regulator to adjust the LED's luminosity to the paper thickness

-2 plastic ( expanded  PVC)  supports specially machined

- connecting cables

You just have to insert the supports in your mecanism. The paper will pass between the two PVC supports held apart by 2 or 3 mm, the holes well in front of each other, of course! With a hinge for ease of use, or not, that's your choice.

You can integrate this system into an existing organ or even make one specifically for that.

You have the option to set a latency allowing you to transform a series of small successive holes into one.

You add:

-A Midi sound module ,

-a small amp on battery

- 2 speakers in a box,

a crank to drive the roll,

And here you are with a real Barrel Organ which always plays rigth!

If you want to make a backup copy of your card board or roll, you can save the song in Midi files format, with a computer and appropriate software, or with Midilector R (recording function). Make sure you have the rights to do so. To make a file of security of a cardboard which one possesses is quite legal, but attention, to yield this file, even for free, is punished by the law, it is a counter-way. If you have a punching machine, you also do not have the right to sold the cardboard you made from this file. Please, respect the work of the arrangers.

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