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Despite the current crisis, orders are still possible, Post is still working, but only 3 days a week, you may be delivered with a couple of days more delay. Take advantage of confinement to carry out your Midi projects!

You'll find here all electronic interfaces you need to automate your organ, accordion and other musical instrument

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You'll also be able to transform you old organ or accordion keyboard into a modern one, capable of driving a standard midi sound module

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Examples of midi musical instruments here


Midi encoder boards

Midi encoder boards

The midi encoder boards K2M Orgautomatech allow you to transform an old accordion or organ keybaord into a Midi one able to drive any sound module




We manufacture on request, there are as many sizes and scales as organ manufacturers, so, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote if your cardboard or roll size is not in the list.




Freeware for Orgautomatech midi boards set up. Useful also for midi instrument testing, setting and tuning.

Next products to be launch

Products which are at the moment in R&D and will be soon proposed for sale here...

Who am I?


Orgautomatech is a very small company launched in 2009.

My name is Christian Blanchard, self employed,  I am specialized in electronic interfaces for mecanical music instruments (MIDI).

All the Orgautomatech midi boards are designed, programmed and made at Niort (France).